Hi! My name is Alex. Me and my friend Ivan are the founders of Podavach. Have you ever heard this brand  name before? Let me tell you few words about us.

PODAVACH IS FOR WHATEVER YOU LOAD. Here in Podavach we develop and manufacture magazine speed loaders for a wide range of platforms: АК15, AR15, AR10, SKS, Aug,  etc. Our mission is to make shooting and training safer, more effective, and fun whatever you need to load.

6 YEARS IN THE MARKET. Me and Ivan founded the company in 2015 when we came up with ​​a tool to help our Ukrainian troops on the front lines. Since then we have enlarged our product portfolio and achieved a high reputation in the market. 

RECOGNIZED QUALITY. Thanks to the team's obsession with their work we managed to reach the level of quality where people not only purchase our products but also spread the word among their friends. As a result Podavach has more than 50 000 satisfied customers and a network of dealers and distributors.

BENEFICIAL DEALERSHIP. Podavach Dealers Program is a great opportunity to supplement your current business. Or even worth considering starting a new business today. Check the benefits below and welcome to sign up for the wholesale account!

If any of your questions left unanswered, contact us at dealers@podavach.com 

Otherwise don't hesitate to join Podavach Dealers Program!